Chair Based Movement to Music Videos


The movement to music videos are mainly people who enjoy more gentle exercises which will improve strength, coordination and overall fitness.

All these exercises will be done from the comfort of your chair and you can also choose to stand.

Remember – the videos that includes equipment, the movement can be done with or without equipment.


Introduction – Althea





Feet and Ankle– Foot Steps (Daniel O’Donnell)


To mobilise and strengthen your feet.

Help to maintain a better posture.

To aid fall prevention.

To enjoy and have fun.



Hands, fingers and Wrists – My Guy (Mary Wells)


To maintain and/or improve strength.

To improve coordination and mobility of hands, fingers and wrists.

To aid everyday living skills and to have fun.


Equipment – Que Sera, Sera (Doris Day)


To Maintain and improve circulation and coordination.

To strengthen and mobilise joints.

To have fun and sing-along.

Remember the movement can be done with or without equipment.



Upper and Lower Body (Cardio 1 ) – Dance The Night Away (The Mavericks)


To maintain/improve flexibility, strength and mobility.

To aid getting out of the chair.

To aid climbing stairs.

To maintain daily living skills and independence.



Equipment – Montego Bay  (Bobby Bloom)



Cool Down – Hero (Mariah Carey)


To help your body return to pre-exercise heart rate and blood pressure.



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