Probably the best Personal Assistant Carer job description…you’ll ever find.

Is this really the best Personal Assistant Carer job description you’ll ever find?

There may be better job descriptions out there but let me start by sharing with you why I’ve made this lofty statement.

Four main types of job descriptions

During my time working in human resources so for some well-known high street organisations, I’ve had my fair share of writing job descriptions and they usually fall into four main categories:

Short, of a neutral taste and… dry.  These job descriptions are written within strict guidelines, following company process and usually include a minimal amount of information.  These job descriptions are like reading the ingredients on the back of a cereal box.  Factual, to the point and distinctly unexciting.

Long, wordy…and guaranteed to give any short story author a run for their money.  In contrast to ‘short, of a neutral taste and…dry, these descriptions can span four or five pages.  Listing key competencies (which is a term used to describe the ability to do something successful or efficiently. Although it may be true that given this depth of information is good news for a job seeker, I’ve yet to come across a candidate that got excited about a role due to a five page job description.   I just don’t think it happens.

Readable, engaging and covers the basics. This third type of Personal Assistant Carer job description is a suitable alternative if you are just starting out. This job description is perfect for you if you want to make sure you’ve covered the key things and produce a job description that’s accurate and engaging. I showed you how to produce such a job description How to Write a Personal Care Assistant Job Description

Different from the other three is the fourth type of job description.  This one is short(ish), sweet and oozes personality. Moreover, it’s guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

In other words, it’s this job description that I want to share with you.

Probably the best Personal Assistant Job Description you'll ever find

Personality is king for attracting candidates

Writing a job description with a touch of personality will help your role stick out.  In particular, showing who are you gives your potential Personal Assistant Carer candidates a good insight into what you would be like to work for.

Of course, no one wants to feel like the job they are applying for is the ‘same old, same old’.  However, you won’t be in this bracket if you write a Personal Assistant Carer job description with a difference.  To save you time, I won’t tell you how to write it either.  I’ll just attach a version you can read and edit as you please. In reality this style of job description won’t be for everyone, but if you gives you ideas to help write a more engaging Personal Assistant Carer job description, then that in itself is a result.

What gives me bragging rights?

The reason this is probably the best Personal Assistant Carer job description you’ll ever find is because I’ve spent years writing them. And even longer reading them.

The Personal Assistant Carer job description I am sharing with you is a version of the most successful job description I’ve ever composed.  I used it to find a Human Resource Business Partner whilst working for an employer a while back.  Why would I say it was my best ever?  Because of the feedback I received.

Recruitment agencies told me ‘this was one of the most refreshing job descriptions they had seen’ and that it made their job far easier when talking to candidates about the role.

Candidates from companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and American Express applied for this role and quite a few mentioned in their emails how they liked the sound of the role based on the job description.

Colleagues, past and present, were sharing the link to the role on their social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Curious about the job description I keep referring to? Drop me an email at and I’ll be glad to share it with you.

Why am I sharing this template with you?

Because I want you to have the best possible chance of finding the right candidate and that means writing a Personal Assistant Carer job description that engages and piques interest.

As a result of the knowledge I’ve gathered,   I am confident this template will help you with your recruitment. Not only that but if you created your own version, it will be a pleasant talking point when interviewing potential candidates.

I do acknowledge that Probably the best Personal Assistant carer job description won’t be for everyone.  And so with that in mind, here are a couple of alternative websites where you find templates.

Personal Care Assistant job description sample – whilst it isn’t specific to a Personal Assistant Carer job description, it will give a good overview of the main sections you should cover.

Sample job description for a Personal Assistant – this also comes with a free template you can download in Microsoft Word.

If however, you want to have a go at writing a Personal Assistant Carer job description with a different, we’ve got you covered. All we need is your name and email address and you can access our FREE printable template you can download in Microsoft Word.

Best Personal Assistant Carer Job Description Template

Ps  If you have come across a Personal Assistant Carer job description you think is even better than this, will you please let us know at That might mean it’s time to change to the title of this post!

Warning: Only for the bold and the brave! This is a great article on writing an unique and engaging job description to help you find your Personal Care Assistant.
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